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BOOK 1 (fair to good condition. bumped to corners and first pages) [NO CD]
How to Cheat in 3ds Max 2010: Get Spectacular Results Fast by Bousquet, Michele
ISBN is 9780240811611 / 0240811615
About the book:
Need to get results with 3ds max fast? Why take months to learn every button in 3ds max when you can create great visuals with just a few key tools? Learn to create quick yet stunning special effects, and animated characters with the fastest techniques possible. Need convincing grass, trees, water, shadows? You can use the memory-hogging methods that choke your display and take forever to render, or you can get it done bing-bang with this book. When you need an animated character you can spend days fiddling with polygons, or you can use this book to put it together in minutes and get the entire project done in a day. How to Cheat in 3ds max includes a host of time-saving techniques as well as little-known tools that will make you look like an expert in no time flat. This book is for busy professionals who need to get it done right, but also need it done fast.  NEW to this edition will be higher-end cheats (for Intermediate users) geared towards greater realism in images, and game-centered cheats.

BOOK 2 (Good condition, slight bumping and wear to corners, Pages clean and flat)
The Complete Digital Animation Course: The Principles, Practice and Techniques of Successful Digital Animation by Andy Wyatt
ISBN is 9780500288627 / 0500288623
About the book: This is a foundation course in the art and practice of digital animation. Step-by-step tutorials, practical tasks and assignments explain the entire animation process and allow you to practice newly learned techniques and processes.
BOOK 3 (fair to good condition. bumped to corners and first pages)
Unreal Game Development by Amresh, Ashish; Okita, Alex

ISBN is 9781568814599 / 1568814593

About the book: Using Unreal Engine 3, the authors teach aspiring game makers the fundamentals of designing a computer game. The only prerequisite is a basic working knowledge of computers and a desire to build an original game. To get the most out of the book, the authors recommend gathering up some friends and working through the book together as a team and with time limits, mimicking the key elements of real world commercial game development.
This book mirrors the curriculum used at CampGame, a six week summer program organized for high school students at The New York University and Arizona State University that has been running successfully for over five years. Students enter with no prior knowledge of game making whatsoever, and through the course of six intensive weeks, they finish as teams of budding game developers who have already completed fully functional games with their own designs, code, and art.
BOOK 4 (Fair to Good condition, bumping and wear to corners and pages) [NO DVD] 
Maya for Games: Modeling and Texturing Techniques with Maya and Mudbox by Ingrassia, Michael
ISBN is 9780240810645 / 0240810643
About the book: Well-known Maya professional, Michael Ingrassia, takes readers through his unique style of modeling: “Image Based Modeling” where efficient, realistic models can be created very quickly. Ingrassia’s techniques allow modelers to create exact replicas of their concept characters or objects. The techniques presented are very efficient and allow game modelers to quickly build out stand alone props to populate environments and game levels.
Presented are tried and true techniques that the author has used successfully in game production for the past 10 years. Most, if not all 3D books, focus on basic “box” modeling techniques, which are the basis for proper 3D modeling but not the complete solution. In the author’s experience, students who have learned through the Image Based Modeling brand, have quickly excelled into effective modelers.
BOOK 5 (Good condition, slight bumping and wear to corners, Pages clean and flat) [NO DVD]
Autodesk Maya 2010: The Modeling and Animation Handbook (Autodesk Maya Techniques: Offical Autodesk Training Guides) by Autodesk Maya Press
ISBN is 9781897177532 / 1897177534
BOOK 6 (Good condition, slight bumping and wear to corners, Pages clean and flat) [NO DVD]
Animating with Blender: Creating Short Animations from Start to Finish: How to Create Short Animations from Start to Finish by Hess, Roland
ISBN is 9780240810799 / 0240810791
Blender has become one of the most popular 3D and animation tools on the market, with over 2 million users, and it is free! Animating with Blender is the definitive resource for creating short animation projects from scratch, the ideal platform for experimenting with animation.
Blender expert and author Roland Hess walks you through the entire process of creating a short animation, from writing to storyboarding and blocking, through character creation, animation and rendering.